woensdag 3 oktober 2012

Flames of War Battle report

Last weekend I met up with Peter and Guy at Peter's place for a 1500pts late war battle. Guy and I teamed up with both 750 points. This being Peter's first game we didn't go all official on the allies rules and such, we just tried to make it easy going. The mission we rolled was Cauldron, and the British chose not use their nightfighting rules, making them the defender. We had a great game, so please continue reading!

A General overview of the forces:

Germans: Totenkopf" SS-Panzergrenadierkampfgruppe.
HQ (2 panzerschrecks, 3 halftracks) 
Gepanzerte panzergrandier platoons 
Gepanzerte panzergrandier platoons
1 Panzer platoon (4 Stug G)
1 Armoured anti-aircraft gun platoon (2 armoured sd kfz 7/1)
1 Armoured mortar platoon (HQ, 2 observers in kübelwagen, 4 sd kfz 251/2)

British: 51st Highland division combined with 1st Airborne

51st HQ 
Rifle platoon I
Rifle platoon II
Morris Armoured cars
Armoured platoon (3 Sherman, 1 Firefly)
1st Airborne HQ
Rifle platoon I
Mortar platoon (3")
HMG platoon (Vickers)
AT platoon (6 pdrs)

Somewhere in Normandie:

Dig in!

The rain had been pouring down on them for hours, and the men were growing weary. They had dug in as best as they could in the mud and woods, after being cut off of the main advance. The German motorized division had encircled them quickly, and pinned them down at the outskirts of a small village. Just as the sky started to clear they could hear a distant rumble approach them. Tank commander McKinsey was the first to spot the German panzers rolling over the top of the hill.

Over the hills and far away

Overview of the board

His shouts of warning were to no avail however. The first salvo of the sturmgeschütze took out half of the tanks in his squadron, forcing the remainder of them to seek cover behind the woods and houses, effectively putting them out of action.
This fierce opening of the German offence shook the British infantry quite a bit, but they had no time to recover from the sight of their burning tanks, for there was a more imminent threat approaching them.

Burning tanks

Around the corner of the nearest hedgerow came a full squad of gepanzerte panzergrenadiers, machineguns blazing. Bitter fighting ensued, resulting in two destroyed halftracks and some scattered infantry on the allied side.Seeing that the infantry platoon would not break, the Germans smartly withdrew to regain their strengths. The arrival of a second gepanzerte panzergrendier platoon turned the tide for the Germans, shattering the British infantry.

Hold the line!

Vorwärts kameraden!

This forced the paratroopers of the first airborne to leave their foxholes and reclaim the objective.
The rear now totally exposed, the stugs swung around the back to claim the second objective. Still waiting for reinforcements the paratroopers had to spread thin to keep a claim on both objectives.

Go to it!

The stugs now had a firm hold on the objective though. The arrival of the British reinforcements could no longer win the battle, even though a unit of Morris cars made short work of the German halftracks.

Too late

Realizing they had come too late, the British reinforcements withdrew, leaving the village in the hands of the Germans.

Thanks for reading! We had a great time, and if you did enjoy reading this as well I might write some more battle reports. Let me know!

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