zondag 21 oktober 2012

Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers vs. Grenadier guards/Airlanding FoW Batrep

Yesterday Peter, Guy and I met up for a second battle. Peter once again ran his gepanzerte panzergrenadiers,  but this time Guy took his Grenadier Guards and I took my airlanding.

General overview of the forces:

Germans: Totenkopf" SS-Panzergrenadierkampfgruppe.
HQ (2 panzerschrecks, 3 halftracks) 
Gepanzerte panzergrandier platoons 
Gepanzerte panzergrandier platoons
1 Panzer platoon (4 Stug G)
1 Armoured anti-aircraft gun platoon (2 armoured sd kfz 7/1)
1 Armoured mortar platoon (HQ, 2 observers in kübelwagen, 4 sd kfz 251/2)

British: Grenadier Guards combined with 1st Airborne
This time we played the British as one company, only using the airlanding HQ

Grenadier Guards 
Motor Rifle platoon I
Armoured platoon (3 Sherman, 1 Firefly)
4 Sextons

1st Airborne HQ
Rifle platoon I
Light tankplatoon (3 tetrarchs)
HMG platoon (Vickers)
AT platoon (6 pdrs)

The battle takes place once again somewhere in Normandy, despite the fact that the Germans are organised in an eastfront roster. The British find themselves once more on the defensive, facing a full force of gepanzerte panzergrenadiers. The objectives were placed on the west end, with Germans approaching from the east (pincer scenario). Para's hide in the woods, while the sextons prepare their barrage. The third platoon that starts on the table are the 6pdrs in ambush.

British positions ()
German positions (east)

In their prepared positions the British can't do more than wait and hope to stem the German tide long enough for their reinforcements to arrive.

Did we hit them? Did we?!
Hold on to your hats men!

Halftracks race through the little, quintessential french village, only to receive the full force of 4 six pounders opening up on them. The result is devastating for the halftracks, but the grenadiers press onward.

The stuggs on the northern flank swing to the center, which proves to be their undoing. After 1 of the tanks is destroyed and 1 bailed out by combined fire of sextons and a six pounder, the stuggs present an easy target to charge for the nearby infantry. After the paratroopers destroy the 2 remaining stuggs they can safely return to their foxholes with minimal casualties.

After their moment of glory, the six pounders are easily swarmed by the grenadiers, opening up the southern flank for the German infantry. Luckily for the British, reinforcements arrive in time to defend the objective.

Right on time chaps!

On the other flank some tetrarchs come up to harass the remaining halftracks, destroying them all.

The shermans park in front of the objective to screen it from the infantry. The Germans however are not yet considering a retreat, and boldly charge the tanks. The overconfident shermans pay the price and must retreat with 1 remaining tank.

Wir brauchen die panzerschreck!

Tanks go up in flames

At this point the only remaining German platoons are the kubelwagen scouts, the first in command and a grenadier command team. When the british receive their last reinforcements Peter reluctantly concedes the battle.

We once again played a very enjoyable battle, I hope you enjoyed the report too.

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