zondag 20 maart 2016

Forming up for Sharp Practice 2: Pas de Charge!

In preparation for Sharp Practice 2 I dug out some old bases I had lying around and made some new ones for my Russian regiments. These are meant to move the 10 men squads while maintaining the basing method I use for Black Powder, thus keeping the miniatures compatible with both games.

On the painting bench I have some innocent bystanders for the Napoleonic era, which hopefully will make some nice characters for SP2. 

Allons mes enfants!

maandag 8 februari 2016

Kingdom Holland Grenadiers

In anticipation of the upcoming Sharp Practice 2 rules I've started painting some of my skirmish based Napoleonics. Here are three Dutch grenadiers; "Leve de keizer!".
I hope the rules have been streamlined along the lines of Chain of Command, doing away with the long list of shooting modifiers for one thing, and clarifying the actual chain of command.