zondag 31 augustus 2014

Pike and Shotte - The Battle of Pavia

In between the smoke clouds of Black Powder I recently had a game of Pike and Shotte. We played the battle of Pavia from the rulebook, mostly using Warhammer Empire models. We had to scale the battalia's down a bit, but still managed to fill the table with an impressing amount of mini's!

Here are some pictures I took with my phone.

French positions

French left flank and Imperial right flank
Imperials in front of 'the river'

the assault commences

Imperial right flank takes up positions

French cavalry counter deploys

Heavy siege guns pound the French

Infantry gets stuck in

on the roll of a 3+...

battle lines clash in the swamp

In the end we decided the Imperials had a five point advantage, holding the French hq and being within reach of the Imperial objective to warn the Pavia garrison. All in all a very enjoyable game.

dinsdag 19 augustus 2014

Black Powder Painting

Since I started napoleonics some 1,5 years ago there haven't been too many updates on the paiting progress, but not all has been quiet on the painting front. Especially over the last holidays I've been painting quite fanatically.  These last weeks it have mainly been Russians, which I'll show soon, but now they're almost all done my focus is back at the French again. 
In the mean time I've also been busy with some skirmishers in a retreat from Moscow theme. I've played Song of Drums and Shako's once, and it felt like quite a nice little game. 
I've also finished two of my three Austrian regiments and received some much anticipated Russian Cavalry reinforcements. 
There will soon follow a post showing the developments on the Russian side of affairs. 

Dragoons and Cuirassiers