zondag 20 maart 2016

Forming up for Sharp Practice 2: Pas de Charge!

In preparation for Sharp Practice 2 I dug out some old bases I had lying around and made some new ones for my Russian regiments. These are meant to move the 10 men squads while maintaining the basing method I use for Black Powder, thus keeping the miniatures compatible with both games.

On the painting bench I have some innocent bystanders for the Napoleonic era, which hopefully will make some nice characters for SP2. 

Allons mes enfants!

maandag 8 februari 2016

Kingdom Holland Grenadiers

In anticipation of the upcoming Sharp Practice 2 rules I've started painting some of my skirmish based Napoleonics. Here are three Dutch grenadiers; "Leve de keizer!".
I hope the rules have been streamlined along the lines of Chain of Command, doing away with the long list of shooting modifiers for one thing, and clarifying the actual chain of command.

vrijdag 11 december 2015

Lion Rampant - a skirmish in the Hook & Cod wars

Here are some quick and dirty shots of a Lion Rampant game we played this week. We used two armies of 20 points, one being made up of: drilled mounted men at arms, bidowers, foot sergeants and crossbows with pavises, and the other of drilled mounted men at arms, expert foot sergeants, and expert archers.

The location of the fighting is somewhere in the Low Countries during the final stages of the Hook & Cod wars (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hook_and_Cod_wars i.e. de Hoeksche & Kabeljouwse twisten) One of these days the largely fictional characters of Jan van Schaffelaar and Perrol with the red hand might make an appearance. They are depicted in Oltmans' De Schaapsherder (the Shepherd) as sworn enemies since they both fancy the hand of certain young lady. The story has a very dramatic ending in the church of Barneveld, where Jan van Schaffelaar and his men are surrounded by the enemy. Presented with an ultimatum to hand over their leader van Schaffelaar decides to keep the honor to himself and jumps from the tower. He survives the jump but is presently bludgeoned to death by the peasant rabble waiting for him. Maybe these events would make for an interesting scenario in the future!

Written in 1838

Jan van Schaffelaar going down in history

Starting positions of my warband.

My crossbows are threatened by his sergeants. My opponents knights have hidden behind the house.

Both groups of sergeants are driven of. Following this my crossbows are routed. In the end the enemy leader and bows remain. 

dinsdag 8 december 2015

dinsdag 1 december 2015


A little update on the Black Powder side of things this time. These have been laying around for a long time now, so I'm happy they are finally done. For the moment I use them as a small Cossack unit in Black Powder. The miniatures themselves are from the excellent Perry miniatures Retreat from Moscow range of which I hope I can add some more to my collection soon!

woensdag 20 mei 2015

IHMN - On the trail of the Black Smook -

I recently painted up some Victorian Sci-fi miniatures which I had laying around and did some rebasing in preparation of a game of In Her Majesty's Name. The setting is as follows:

It's the year 1887 and the peace conference of the second Crimean war sees all the leaders of the great European powers gathered in the city of Geneva. Each country has brought the nation’s finest diplomats, tradesmen and generals, each supported by their own personal retinue, looking after their safety and other ‘needs’.
And so it happens that the great Sherlock Holmes finds himself walking the streets of this fine city, which seems to be rife with political strife, trade disputes and numerous other activities taking place at the shady border of right and wrong. Always on the lookout for clues and criminals on the loose he visits the coffeehouses, where the latest news and gossip can be heard.
Lately there have been reports coming in of people with strange affections after presumed opium usage. People become ill or sleep for days and lose their memory. This opium, quickly dubbed Black Smook can’t be distinguished from normal opium and seems to be randomly distributed among normal deliveries. Early inquiries have so far revealed nothing, but the trail seems to lead out of town where some nobleman has recently been noted to take an interest in the opium trade.
The British delegation has dispatched The Consulting Detective and the Good Doctor to clear up the mystery, accompanied by an outfit of London Bobbies. Without the availability of a trusted opium supplier negotiations have seriously stalled as dignitaries can’t get their fix of relaxation and lose their nerves. Discussions become much more heated and the risk of more wars breaking out, instead of one being ended is becoming greater by the day.

On the other side of town Lady Ann has been kitting out her company for a trip to the countryside as well. It wasn’t hard to keep up with the latest police news, as the Queen’s men weren't exactly secretive about it. Seeing her own interests endangered by the recent disturbances of the opium trade she ventures out to investigate the source of this incursion.

This is are some images of our first two games, in which bobbies take a beating and lady Ann makes a daring escape with several pieces of vital information.

Both companies converge on a farm estate rumoured to contain a number of clues as to the source of the Black Smook.

The Yard approaches.

As does lady Ann.

Bobbies charge into fisticuffs

Both companies search the crates for clues.

The good doctors carries an objective of the board, but then succumbs to the constant sniper fire.

As Lady Ann and her crew have secured the farm and gathered all information they try to break out and make for the mountains.

A lonely constable stands guard.

A sergeant takes up a firing position.

Bijschrift toevoegen

A giant wolfman breaks out of the woodwork.

The Consulting detective is the last man standing.

After our first game it turned out my mate had to points wrong for his riflemen, so in the second game he used two less. However even with less numbers it turned out to be a resounding victory for Lady Ann and her crew.

As Lady Ann soon finds out a number of documents refer to a certain Graff Reichenbach, who owns an estate in the mountains. With the police hot on her heels so and her men make way into the mountains in order to find and question the count. 
to be continued...