zondag 31 augustus 2014

Pike and Shotte - The Battle of Pavia

In between the smoke clouds of Black Powder I recently had a game of Pike and Shotte. We played the battle of Pavia from the rulebook, mostly using Warhammer Empire models. We had to scale the battalia's down a bit, but still managed to fill the table with an impressing amount of mini's!

Here are some pictures I took with my phone.

French positions

French left flank and Imperial right flank
Imperials in front of 'the river'

the assault commences

Imperial right flank takes up positions

French cavalry counter deploys

Heavy siege guns pound the French

Infantry gets stuck in

on the roll of a 3+...

battle lines clash in the swamp

In the end we decided the Imperials had a five point advantage, holding the French hq and being within reach of the Imperial objective to warn the Pavia garrison. All in all a very enjoyable game.

dinsdag 19 augustus 2014

Black Powder Painting

Since I started napoleonics some 1,5 years ago there haven't been too many updates on the paiting progress, but not all has been quiet on the painting front. Especially over the last holidays I've been painting quite fanatically.  These last weeks it have mainly been Russians, which I'll show soon, but now they're almost all done my focus is back at the French again. 
In the mean time I've also been busy with some skirmishers in a retreat from Moscow theme. I've played Song of Drums and Shako's once, and it felt like quite a nice little game. 
I've also finished two of my three Austrian regiments and received some much anticipated Russian Cavalry reinforcements. 
There will soon follow a post showing the developments on the Russian side of affairs. 

Dragoons and Cuirassiers

maandag 14 juli 2014

Chesterfied - A Very British Civil War

Recently I've been working on some new terrain and miniatures for A Very British Civil War.
Please have a stroll around the village.

The peaceful English countryside

A police patrol is going for a sandwich.
All is quiet..?

Trouble at the Kings Arms, rebellious scum

A BUF patrol reacts to the sound of gunfire.

But the Prince of Wales own volunteers are also nearby 

The postmen try their new delivery system

maandag 17 maart 2014

Battle of Turovo

Here's a quick impression of a recent Black Powder game. The scenario used is an adaptation of http://www.warlordgames.com/battle-report-the-battle-for-st-piere/ using smaller forces. In our case it pitted the French against the Russians on the way to Smolensk.


Advance guard
4 infantry regiments
1 artillery battalion
1 regiment cuirassier (small)
1 regiment hussars

Main body
5 infantry regiments
1 artillery battalion
1 regiment cuirassiers


3 infantry regiments
1 artillery battalion
1 regiment cuirassiers (small)

Outlying force
2 infantry regiments
1 Jaeger regiment
1 artillery battalion
1 regiment cossacks (small)
2 regiment hussars (small)

The first few turns saw the French advancing towards the river. Making contact with the Russians on the left side of the village. In the end the French left flank was compromised, but the cavalry managed to protect the main assault, and one regiment could cross the river to encircle the Russians. When the main attack was launched the village was soon captured. Victory to the French.

The advance guard swings left

Russian possitions in the river delta

Russians possitions in the village

The French left flank makes contact

Russians finaly line up a shot

The advance guard is pushed back

The main force arrives

Cavalry hold the flank

The river is crossed

vrijdag 3 januari 2014

Oranje boven

What seemed to start out as a venture into the English Civil War is now turning into a Dutch Revolt project. Here's the first unit of pike. I'm awaiting delivery of a few flags, so they'll be added later.