vrijdag 21 september 2012

Black Powder and Bolt Action

Hello Everyone,

Summer holidays have ended, so hobby time is reduced (hence the lack of updates). I'm still working on my Bolt Action Germans though, and have also painted my first Brit. It even turns out there is a club in the neighborhood where people are playing Bolt Action, so I might visit the place one of these days.

I'm not a 100% happy with my British uniform, I find it a bit to greyish. I'm opting for the 1st Canadian division, which saw action in Italy, probable running into some HG divisions along the way. For now I've painted the red patch of the canadian 1st, but I'm not sure which other insignia would be present on the arm or collar. (help appreciated!)
Stiff upper lip lads! (Do I need to re-do that eye? Maybe yes..)

Canadian 1st
 And here some more finished Hermann Göring infantry. 5 man 'squad' finished!

The last few months my historical interest has been spreading from the second world war to the wars of the roses (perry plastics, yay!), and now my latest venture is a march into napoleonic Europe (perry plastics, yay!) guided by my recent purchase of Black Powder. At the moment I'm really eager to get painting all those bright and shiny uniforms of the age, but money is a little short, and I'm not even sure with which country I want to start. On one side I'm thinking of the Pruissians and Austrians; because shouting "Befelh ist befehl!" just has it's appeal. Then there's the French, with their wide variety of plastic cavalry being available, and of course the British, because who can resist a musket totting Scot with a kilt and bearskin hat! And then I'm almost forgetting the Russian bear, with it's lovely green uniforms. Oh the agony of choice!
I'm even considering starting two forces to pith against each other, preferable with some historical relevance. For the moment I'm only reading into the period, but I hope to have some painted miniatures by Christmas. In the meantime I hope to find some other Black Powder players, or people with an interest in the period, willing to take up the brush!

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