maandag 23 maart 2015

Chain of Command - Tunis

Here's a quick rundown of a Chain of Command game we played yesterday.

Tunis 1943

Forces involved:

German panzergrenadier platoon
sdkfz 222
5cm mortar

British rifle platoon
Armoured car
2' mortar

Objective of the game is a crossroad guarded by the British platoon.

The battlefield.

Germans start their probe.

British fall back.

German reinforcements arrive

British take up defensive positions and armoured car arrives.

Germans form a firing line and start pouring it into the Tommies.

The firefight takes its toll on the British. 
Germans launch their final assault.

And take the position. At this moment the British force moral was down to 2 and we called the game. Victory to the Wehrmacht.

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