vrijdag 11 december 2015

Lion Rampant - a skirmish in the Hook & Cod wars

Here are some quick and dirty shots of a Lion Rampant game we played this week. We used two armies of 20 points, one being made up of: drilled mounted men at arms, bidowers, foot sergeants and crossbows with pavises, and the other of drilled mounted men at arms, expert foot sergeants, and expert archers.

The location of the fighting is somewhere in the Low Countries during the final stages of the Hook & Cod wars (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hook_and_Cod_wars i.e. de Hoeksche & Kabeljouwse twisten) One of these days the largely fictional characters of Jan van Schaffelaar and Perrol with the red hand might make an appearance. They are depicted in Oltmans' De Schaapsherder (the Shepherd) as sworn enemies since they both fancy the hand of certain young lady. The story has a very dramatic ending in the church of Barneveld, where Jan van Schaffelaar and his men are surrounded by the enemy. Presented with an ultimatum to hand over their leader van Schaffelaar decides to keep the honor to himself and jumps from the tower. He survives the jump but is presently bludgeoned to death by the peasant rabble waiting for him. Maybe these events would make for an interesting scenario in the future!

Written in 1838

Jan van Schaffelaar going down in history

Starting positions of my warband.

My crossbows are threatened by his sergeants. My opponents knights have hidden behind the house.

Both groups of sergeants are driven of. Following this my crossbows are routed. In the end the enemy leader and bows remain. 

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