zondag 22 december 2013

Battle of the monastry of Saint-Cyr

For our third Black Powder battle we decided to use a flames of war scenario, mainly to have some guidelines for deployment and reinforcements. The scenario was dust up, where each player starts in an opposing table quarter defending an objective. Reinforcements arrive from the third turn from the other corners.

Here we see the British brigade deployed around the remains of the monastery of Saint-Cyr. 3 regular infantry and a unit of foot artillery.

In the opposing corner the french have deployed around their objective, the barn, filled with precious supplies. In the first two turns the French move up to put the pressure on the British. One of the British units responds fast, but is left unsupported.

The second French brigade arrives from reserve, and marches on the monastery.

Battle lines are drawn

The British fail to organize the thin red line, and the first unit is disordered.

The French cavalry brigade arrives and starts a move on the British left flank.

French infantry columns march on swiftly, but don't deploy in line yet. In the next turn British artillery fire badly damages the front of the column, disordering the first unit.

The first British reinforcements arrive. The cavalry brigade deploys to relieve the center.

French cavalry prepares to charge the ruins.

Finally the third brigade arrives, the notoriously late Austrians.

Cavalry charges force the center units into squares. A head-on cavalry charge proves to be to much for the shaken square, which is destroyed.

Infantry charges the ruins, but the British defenders hold their ground.
The French cavalry turns their attention to center, where the British guns are destroyed by gunfire.

The Austrian brigade starts to threaten the French left flank, but their progress is slow.

French cuirassiers are destroyed batteling the British cavalry.
French hussars charge the British cavalry, chasing and destroying them.

Here we decided to end the game. The British had two broken brigades and the French were firmly in control of the monastery. We thought the FoW scenario worked really well. Next time we might try one of the others!

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