donderdag 24 januari 2013

A Yorkish Saga warband

Encouraged by some more people in the area who are starting Saga, I started painting these perry-miniature war of the roses figures, which I originally bought for my Empire army (I think). Since I'm not aware of a War of the Roses game system I'd have to use them for another game any way, and although they're not really 'dark age', they come pretty close. Close enough for me to use them as a Norman warband. Every thing is there, levy archers, crossbowmen, mounted kniggets and even a suitable warlord can be made.

At the moment I've got a started warband assembled, being a warlord, 2x4 Mounted Heartguard, 8 crossbowmen and 12 levy archers. To upgrade to 6 points I can assemble more crossbows or archers, but I've only got 3 horses left.

Here are the photo's:

Warband WIP

Warlord WIP (still in need of a suitable name)

Painted stuff

better view of 4ground silhouette cut cottage, very nice

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